Artist Vesa Suksi

My background

Vesa Suksi is an artist from Tampere and born in 1979. Visual arts have always been a strong part of Suksi’s self expression and he has used this as a tool while working for a hobby- and free-time service organization for the young, child protective services and with displaced children for over 16 years. Suksi also has ten years experience in the security sector in nightclub security providing protection to customers from rockstars and even to presidents! 

Vesa’s transition to a full time artist happened once and for all during 2015 because of a back injury and a failed consequent surgery. Partially losing his ability to walk, Suksi began painting  just to keep his head together. After realizing the empowering effect of painting, he began doing it daily and still continues painting.

Suksi has formally studied communication- and visual arts but mainly he is self-taught. 

Suksi’s inspiration comes from various media streams by closely following phenomenons in the music-, movie- and advertising sectors and by mirroring them to their respective history. Strong emotions are central to all of his work. Strong textures and use of colors are characteristic to Suksi. 

Vesa Suksi has been holding art exhibitions from 2014. 



Are you intrested?

Vesa Suksi is available for various painting projects for your home, restraunt, office or any where you want to appreciate his paintings. Please don't hesitate to contact Vesa for any type of project.

Contact info

Vesa Suksi
044 562 9222